4G phones HTC Radiant and Samsung Mandel landing early 2012?

Two new 4G WP7 phones are on the way

TheVerge is reporting that unnamed sources in the know have told them HTC and Samsung both have new 4G LTE WP7 devices on the way.  Samsung is currently calling their phone the Mandel, and rumor has it that it will be packing a larger screen than the Focus S, which sits at 4.3 inches.  HTC's phone is called the Radiant, and poked its head up earlier this year, sporting a post-Mango version of Windows Phone.  Despite early speculation that the Radiant was running Tango, TheVerge's sources claim that neither of these new phones will have it. 

No word yet on carriers, but HTC has been rumored to be working with AT&T, while Verizon has also been toying with the idea of a 4G Windows phone.  Both phones are slated for release in early 2012, though perhaps not in time for CES, like Nokia's AT&T 4G handset hopefully will.

Update: According to WinSupersite's "exclusive," both the Radiant and the Mandel (referred to as Mendel) will be on AT&T, along with the Nokia Ace.  While the release date for the HTC and Samsung handsets is listed as "before the middle of 2012," they say the Nokia Ace will be available come March 18.  It is said that all of this will be revealed at CES.

Source: TheVerge, WinSupersite; Thanks to everyone for the tips!


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4G phones HTC Radiant and Samsung Mandel landing early 2012?


I just don't see any value in LTE technology since it has no compatibility between carriers.  Pretty much useless.

Yup, only if it works everywhere in the world is it usefull.  So, paying more for something that has no purpose makes no sense.

I get the feeling that unless these devices have more than 16GB of memory, they will be priced as all other WP devices - $199 max, on contract.

Hmmm, wondering what specs will be.  Does Tango bring dual core to the table, or is that something that only WP 8 will see?

If true that means Microsoft could have a LTE phone on the market before Apple does.  From a marketing standpoint that means carriers could push WP as "the fastest" phone to get before Apple finally gets a LTE iPhone out.

No because Android already has that beat and out to the masses.  I just heard on the Radio about the Pantech Breakout being 4G LTE and on sale, how would announcing windows phone being "the fastest phone" make sense especially with 4G LTE sales going on.  Announcing anything now would be rather useless marketing.

I didn't include Android because everyone knows Android already supports LTE.  It would be more accurate to say that carriers could advertise WP as an additional LTE capable phone to choose from. 

If the content in Paul's article is true, it is simply ludicrous that Verizon, after being at Nokia World, wanted the Lumia 710 - which is a nice device, but it is not high end. 
Verizon already went low end (low, low, low end) with the Trophy, imo.  Are they still not confident in WP?  I mean the Lumia 710 can't be that much less expensive than the Lumia 800, at least not enough to where it would put a huge dent in Verizon's budget.
So much for Verizon's talk about WP being the 3rd horse etching out BB; WP will surpass BB, but Verizon won't be able to take credit for it given that they have at least 3 BB's on their network and only 1 WP device.   The largest network giving minimal exposure to WP...Thankfully, ATT will pick up the slack, and sales, that Verizon seems not to care about.

side note...Just checked my ATT account...
"As a valued AT&T customer, you're eligible for a discounted iPhone upgrade at a reduced discount, along with a 2-year service commitment. You may qualify for a full discount on an iPhone upgrade on 3/18/2012."
I wonder why they always assume that people want an iPhone.  Regardless, as soon as the "ACE" is released, I'll be able to sit back and wait for the inevitable sale for $49.99 or somewhere closer to FREE!

You won't have to wait too long, current trend is about 2-months, or less before prices of WP phones hit the $49-Free w/ contract area.

This is the most disapointing news I have seen yet as a big windows phone fan.
again verizon is NOT getting a LTE WP but they say they want one. Instead they are getting a extreamly low end windows phone with 8 meg of ram and 3G in what MARCH..
No word from Sprint ?
If this is true there is way more going on than we know of ..
Verizon is in BED with Android, or Verizon is mad at MS for some reason like
telling Carriers what specs to use or letting consumers remove apps  that are verizon made, or even that mear fact that everytime you walk into a verizon store with a problem with your phone they try to sell you a new one .. with they way MS and Apple do the ugrades I'm sure it will hurt Verizon getting WP users to buy new phones.
I'm not Liking this at all .. and with Verizon carring another weak phone it will make WP users to move away from WP..

I left Verizon for AT&T and for the most part I'm glad I did.  AT&T wasn't lying when AT&T said they were going to be the premier WP carrier.  We're almost guaranteed to get the latest and greatest.  I'm still not a fan of AT&T's coverage and some of the business practices seem shady (though likely no shadier than any other company), but it's nice knowing they won't leave WP in the dust.

I am disgusted by this news. I sell Verizon and am a customer, but above that a WP7 fan! I am seriously considering changing both as a customer and a seller. I think this favoritism is unfair, and people deserve more choices.

Sprint is bad!!!!!!  four phones here all on contract, it may kill me in ETF's but I'm gonna leave for nokia Ace

This is total BS Verizon!!!!!!!  I've been holding on my new every two for a long while waiting on a high end Nokia and you give me the 710???   WTF????  What was that load of crap that your spokeshole said that "we wouldn't entertain a non-LTE windows phone (yeah hello Iphone).  Then you go around and give me (hopefully not though) a non-LTE low end Nokia.  Give me a friggin break!!!  I'm off to ATT, then my wife and son when their contracts are up.

Like me, wait until CES. JUST to be safe. Holding my upgrade as well, currently have  a Trophy. I am crossing my fingers that they annouced this, to prime for a bigger announcement. It seems like corporate suicide to adopt a single phone contradictory to what you requested. Heres to hoping this is a the low end alternative to the Flagship deivce, you know a two option route.


In the past, Nokia has said they wanted to modify the 710 to support CDMA and LTE.  That could indicate that the 710 will have LTE when it hits verizon.
"There aren't any immediate announcements concerning a U.S. carrier on either the GSM or CDMA network, but Nokia says it's working on a CDMA version, and also on making the phones LTE-capable. That means there's a very good chance we'll see the Lumia 710 or something like it announced for Verizon."

This is great news for Windows Phone and things are heating up for the US market. But if all the premier phones go to ATT you can count me out. Just doesn't make sense to me.