Deal Alert: Grab the Nokia Lumia 520 GoPhone for AT&T for just $90

Nokia Lumia 520

It was just last week that the Nokia Lumia 520 went on sale as an AT&T GoPhone. The entry-level smartphone was introduced at insanely low price of $99. Un-freaking-subsidized. Not to be outdone, Amazon is now giving it to potential customers for just $90 with free shipping, though you'll have to wait for it to ship in a couple of weeks...

The Lumia 520 (see our review here) is the cheapest way to get Amber and GDR2 here in the United States. We recently check out some of those features on this inexpensive handset. 

Nokia Lumia 520 GoPhone ATT Amazon

It’s crazy to think that $90 will get you a 4-inch WVGA display, 8GB of internal storage, 512MB of RAM, and a 1GHZ dual-core Snapdragon processor. Topping it off you have Windows Phone that doesn’t struggle on the specs and performs quite well. Compare it to any Android device in the same price category and you’ll see why Nokia’s plan to attack the low-end market will pay off in the long run. Which you can already see happening with the Lumia 520 in places like Finland.

So, which one of you is going to grab the Lumia 520 or refer friends/family to it?

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Deal Alert: Grab the Nokia Lumia 520 GoPhone for AT&T for just $90


I have a gift card for $200 maybe I'll order this but leaning towards the the nexus 7 so I can use apps & games not available on wp8.

Yup. Just turn on airplane mode, so it doesn't continually have the "Sim Error" popup. (Can still turn on WiFi/Bluetooth/etc. after airplane mode is on.)

HERE drive WILL work without a SIM card as long as you have maps downloaded on your phone and you are outside of buildings so the phone can get hold of satellites and get a fix on your location via in-built GPS.

That's not a bad idea, actually. An MP3 Player for $90 plus a 32gb card for less than a total of $120 is pretty sweet.

Yes you can...I use T-Mobile which works just fine...if you go AT&T they force you to include a data plan with any smartphone so just for info be sure of what they offer.
I prefer this phone I got for my wife to her older iPhone3 ...its easier for her to use and is very responsive and configurable...for hte eprice it is an excellent buy...not for the careless type since it is a plastic case...but well made IMHO.

Man, here in brazil The 520 price is 540 reais, more os less 220 dollars, does amazon ship it to brazil?

I already got one on launch day for my daughter.  Loving it so far, I just need to edit the APN settings for her to be able to use data.  I totally forgot to do that and turned her loose and then she asks why data is not working lol. 
Now to remember how to change the settings, it's been a while since I did it on my Titan II.  Back then I was using StraightTalk, but now they no longer offer ATT sim cards so I'm trying out puretalkusa which is working out great so far anyway for voice.  Now to fix data when she gets back!

Right now because it is not on an actual ATT Go Phone sim card data does not work at all.  When using with another provider you have to change that setting to match your new provider. 
There are a couple of settings, one for data and one so MMS messages will work.  On my old Titan I oculd only change data, MMS was not changeable.  Waiting to see on the 520 if I can change both.

You might check out T-mobile I found they have very good pricing, no contracts, easyt SIM from Amazon, and pretty good coverage. No, I do not work for them...but I have switched all our phones to them and dumped AT &T whose pricing has gotten plain stupid.

No this phone is locked to ATT but why do you want to port this one over to T-Mobile. T-Mobile has Lumia 521, same phone optimized for T-Mobile and you can get it around $100 as well if you search over the web.

Keep an eye on the 521.  Just two weeks ago, HSN had that sale for $100 and people (myself included) were able to use $20 First Time buyer coupons to bring it down to $80.  That came with case, car charger, usb wall and cord, and a crazy amount of T-Mo box/documents.  Freaking unbelievable!
Also if you are on T-Mo I HIGHLY suggest sticking to the 521, if anything for the WiFi calling feature.  But also you might have issues with frequencies.  T-Mo is adopting AT&T's 1900 3G spectrum, but its only available in the big cities at the moment.  So if you wan't T-Mo's general 3G, you better stick to their phones.

I bought one of those for $80 total thinking it would work with my AT&T sim card. I made the mistake of not checking if it was unlocked. So I listed it on eBay and bought a 520 off Amazon :)

I am still using Lumia 800 on t-mobile and I get up to 6-8Mbits/sec.  I bought Lumia 521 (t-mobile) for my neighbor and for whatever reason, he is not getting more than 1Mbits/sec.  I don't know if there is some network setting that needs readjusting.  It's kinda annoying.

Well if it makes him feel any better I'm getting .09 Mbps Down and .07 Mbps up on Edge, but yeah the 521 is '4G', right?

Yeah, I'm currently using my AT&T 920 with them and I'm stuck on EDGE (tried flashing the Euro Dev ROM with no luck). Looking into getting a 521 to tide me over until the next wave of WP phones comes out.

Well, you can save $10 (about 2-3 lunches, depends where you eat, lol) but then due to frequency band differences, this Lumia 520 may not work as good as Lumia 521 on t-Mobile network. Also, you are most likely going to use this phone for a year. So saving may not be worth. Less than $1 a month. hahahaha. Stop giving tips and you can easily buy this phone.

Well I just bought a house and a new car, not going to be going anywhere that requires a tip for a while :)  Will probably just sell the 920 and get a 521 for now, and wait for the next big round of phones to come out (like you said, hopefully in about a year).

Why? I have to believe the carrier branding is how these are so cheap though. From what I read, the 520 is more around $200 in other countries. So AT&T and T-Mo must be chipping in costs, which in my view makes these phones great deals for consumers and Nokia. So I don't mind carrier branding. If I ever need to unlock the phone, I'm sure there will be a method.

Yes sir.  Although I don't know your situation, but it seems counter-intuitive to me to use an un-subsidized phone on a plan that has subsidized phone costs built into its rate.  I suggest branching out to an AT&T MVNO and save yourself some money.

I've still got nine months on my contract, and my TITAN died last week. I'm currently stuck on my Quantum, and I'd like to finally get some WP8 goodness in my life.

I know this sounds cheesy, but this puts a smile on my face :)
It's good to know that a vast number of the lower income bracket can enjoy the wonders and practicality of WP8 and Nokia. This rocks! I have a 920, but I'm seriously considering picking two of these up as a back-up and a gift respectively.

My dad's waiting for the 521 to drop to $99 again, or drop on MetroPCS.com at all since it's not in stores in NY...

Huh... i'll probably just buy this for my 4 year old daughter so she can play her angry birds and other games without draining our 920's every day!

I apologize if this has been asked before. I've read through the comments and kind of have an answer, but I'm looking for an exact answer to this question: If I buy this phone, can I use my SIM card back and forth between it and my 920 whenever I feel like it without altering my current cell/data plan with AT&T??? I used to do that between my Focus and Titan. Just wondering if anything's changed.

I'd snap this up straight away if i lived in the US! In the UK for the 520 were talking £90-£100 so this deal is great, I'm a 620 user but have a soft spot for the curves of the 520!