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Nokia Lumia 520 and 720 cleared for China, prepping elsewhere for April 1st

For those who are interested in the Nokia Lumia 520 or the more mid-range Lumia 720, there’s some good news around the corner. Both phones are now available for pre-order at Unlocked Mobiles (UK) for an April 1st release date with the 520 fetching for £159.98 (inc VAT) and £294.98 (inc VAT) for the Lumia 720. Multiple colors will be in stock, including Black, White, Red, Magenta, and Yellow for the 520 and Black, Red, Yellow for the svelte 720.

Likewise, according to Nokia Power User, both devices have just passed thru Bluetooth and Wi-Fi certification and hare headed for China Mobile. Much like the Lumia 920T, the 520 and 720 will be modified to run on China Mobile’s unique network setup. Both devices should sell well in China due to their lower price point and easy accessibility.


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Nokia Lumia 520 and 720 cleared for China, prepping elsewhere for April 1st


Waiting for the 720!!! I don't expect Nokia to launch it in India in the coming month. Looking at what they did with the 620, I guess it'll be somewhere after May/June...

Hopefully they will bring these two phones quickly to India.
Nokia care mentioned that they will release 520 in March and 720 in April.
I hope they are true.

I have a question about the 720...
In the link you give on unlocked-mobiles it comes with the next Specifications:
Memory: MicroSD slot allows up to 64GB, 8GB inbuilt – 1GB RAM
Is that true? I thought it only had 512 MB =/

Me too.. If they would have made it with 1GB of RAM i would have waited and i would not have bought my 620..

Does 1GB RAM really make that much of a difference though? I thought it was just a few game that required 1GB RAM - for everything else the OS is optimized for 512MB?
Or am I getting confused here?

Its a couple of games that will not work, but also maybe some future OS features in Windows Blue might not be able to get into 512 RAM devices..

Playing Asphalt 7 , YES , otherwise not really.  and while i love this game , 4.5" screen isn't enough for it so how would it play on a 4.3 ?

I'm just not so sure. I'm definitely leaning more towards 520 even though WPCentral keeps running this shot with 720 stories

although the image filename suggests 720, I think the 720 has a microphone hole to the left of the charger port, and is not as crescent-shaped. The angle makes it look thinner than the 520, though. Weird!