Nokia Lumia 521 coming to MetroPCS tomorrow for only $99

Lumia 521 on MetroPCS

Whether you like it or not, inexpensive devices like the Nokia Lumia 520, 521, and 625 are going to help grow the Windows Phone platform. The Lumia 520 is already the bestselling Windows Phone to date by some measures. Starting tomorrow, you can get the Lumia 521 at MetroPCS here in the United States. Details after the break!

You might not be aware, but MetroPCS is now owned by T-Mobile here in the United States. T-Mobile is selling the Lumia 521, so it was only a matter of time before the device showed up on MetroPCS. It also marks the first time you can get a Windows Phone 8 device on the network. However, unlike the $149 price at T-Mobile, you’ll be able to snag the Lumia 521 for a very compelling $99. Putting it head-to-head against the $99 price of the Lumia 520 on AT&T’s GoPhone.

MetroPCS getting the Lumia 521 was reported a few days back. What can budget minded folks get on the Lumia 521? Besides a very compelling smartphone experience on inexpensive hardware you’ll be looking at a 4.0 inch screen rocking a WVGA (480x800) display. This is running on dual-core 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, 512MB of RAM, 8GB of storage that you can expand with a microSD card.

Send your friends and family to their nearest MetroPCS store starting tomorrow to get the device. Otherwise it will be available online next week.

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Nokia Lumia 521 coming to MetroPCS tomorrow for only $99


Holy Toledo!

It sure did not take much time between announcement to selling. Could be a new record lol

At least Metro Customers will now have a choice besides Android and uh, Android!

Finally metro will get a cheap phone that works , there's no $100 dollar phone in this planet that can match that Lumia is just impossible.

It is essentially the Lumia 520 which you can get out of the US the 521 is the T-Mobile USA varient I believe.

With these super price-competitive Lumias and a bit more advertising, I wouldn't be surprised to see that WP has reached 10% market share in USA by the end of the year. :) And definitely worldwide! Its the new smartphone race, the race to the bottom (price)!

I actually don't mind this strategy. Use inexpensive devices like the Lumia 52X and 62X phones to raise the number of Windows Phone users substantially. Any developer not making WP apps will find that market hard to ignore. Folks like you and I who primarily use higher end devices like the 8X, 920, or 1020 benefit from all the new developers on the Windows Phone platform. The future is bright!

beleave it or not most android phones sold are low end aftermarket phones, if you look on amazon non contract phones there are so many android phones under 100 dollars that are single core running older android os.. that are basicly junk but when you smash a S4 or S3 or even an Iphone and you don't have 600 dollars to replace it this is your next best choice..
I think this is an excelent Idea because more phones in the market means more users and more apps and more everything.
Nokia seem like they are just getting started and they will be putting this in second gear..

I'm only thinking this in terms of app compatibility. More 512mb devices will make it hard to ignore for the devs and overall will create a strong sense of unified ecosystem over the time. OS can run on pretty low specs so why not?

This is where BB10 made a mistake in the battle for 3rd. They cannot produce a functional BB10 device that is affordable and make a profit. The internals it requires are too expensive right now. Maybe in 2 years the Q10 would be $150 off contract.

"Rock bottom specs"!
TIme really flies by. I remember when my super fast desktop tower running Windows 98 had 32 MBs of RAM and everyone was jealous because they had only 16.

Remember my first win95 pc. Had the option of getting 16mb or 8mb and a free playstation! Went for the 16mb :-)

It's popular all over the world! Emerging markets are loving it and so is the prepaid market in places like the US. 

Is this a CDMA version or a GSM version? If it's GSM then it will be cheaper to buy it at Metro and use a T-mo SIM regardless..

Well, it is a 521 . . . you know, as opposed to a 522, or something.  So chances are, it is the GSM version.  A CDMA version would dictate a whole new variant, and a slight name change.
Besides, TMUS is quick to get all MetroPCS customers utilizing their network, so they can phase out CDMA and EVDO faster and combine the spectrum with their own.  So all newly released MetroPCS devices run on TMUS network by default.  The fact that over 60% of all MetroPCS customers buy new handsets every year, is going to speed that transition along pretty fast.  And all that information comes courtesy of both TMUS and MetroPCS, prior to the finalization of the merger.

It's probably the same phone running on the same T-Mobile network, just like an MVNO carrier. That strategy you mentioned makes perfect sense, I'll be surprised to see new CDMA/EVDO phones showing up on MetroPCS

I wonder if it'll be the t mobile version with the T-Mobile logo on but just sold at metro.... Hey if ms buy metro they can continue to use the name.

Because in order to sue, you need to prove that whoever is using that name will somehow confuse the consumers. In this case, it doesn't. And metropcs has been around longer than WP's metro.

Microsoft was part of a lawsuit, I think by a European brand who had a trademark on "metro". Microsoft has changed it to be called "Modern UI". It is still metro in or hearts, but not from a Microsoft perspective.

I will be able to sell these. Att having the 520 month to month plan is big. The Lumia is much better quality than android phones that come in the action figure packaging.

Just waiting to see a $99 Lumia 520 (or variant) show up for StraightTalk Wireless.  The Ascend W1 is selling well, but at $230, it cannot compete in sales volume with the $100 Androids.  A L520 priced at $99 would represent Windows Phone much better, on what I have been told is currently America's fastest growing pre-paid service provider.

You can purchase a SIM from Straight Talk and use it in the T-Mobile Lumia 521 (or if you look on eBay/Amazon you can buy an AT&T compatible SIM and use it with the AT&T 520). There's no need to wait.

Right, this phone you are reading about is exactly a $99 Lumia for Straight Talk. It runs on the TMo network and doesn't need to be SIM unlocked. I don't see the problem.

Believe it or not, I just looked on the ATT site and they had the Lumia 1020 on the main page as the feature phone. I'm so shocked, the usual iPhone wasn't there

This is huge, good observation, looks like Nokia has learned a thing or two, never seen this happen for a windows phone on att before.

Looks like you missed a lot. They featured Lumia 900 and Lumia 920 on their main page in the past.

And came with a side of Lag.

Heck I remember comparing the original Galaxy with the original Focus, the Focus was so much smoother!

so you prefer the "lag" rather than the efficient multitasking? yup, typical android thickness right there.

look who's talking. he goes here saying "someone assumes and tells stories" and retracts what he said and tell somebody "someone is offended from his stories and must be a fanboy".
so, who's who again?

Is there any way to unlock this without going through T-Mobile? I'm looking for an aws phone for use in Canada

This is called smartphone Blitzkrieg. In less than 9 months Nokia has invaded all smartphone price points in all markets with Lumia 520, 520T, 521, 620, 625, (625T?), 720, 720T, 810, 820, 822, 920, 920T, 925, 928, 1020 and the deluge is not stopping just yet......
During that time Apple has released iPhone 5!!!
NOKIA 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16
Apple 1.

Lol good point, the sheer amount of phones, technology, and markets is breathtaking for any company, especially one of Nokia's market cap

That is the question, I believe the last two years have been a huge learning curve, they have learned and are now applying what they know, the release of gdr3 and 8.1 should begin another cycle of new phones with new features, but how do they top 41 mp? 61 mp, 81 mp?

I'd hate to see a Kyocera/Sanyo Windows phone. Their products(for me) just are not good even at entry level devices and i'd hate for them to ruin the wp name.

Not possible for them to "ruin" the name since they'd have to follow the minimum chassis specs like everyone else. More OEMs = more choice!

That is the question, I believe the last two years have been a huge learning curve for Nokia as a company, they have learned and are now applying what they know, the release of gdr3 and 8.1 should begin another cycle of new phones with new features, but how do they top 41 mp? 61 mp, 81 mp?

Where have you been... This is a entry level device❕... Basically, in this world you get what you pay for... Anyone who is concerned about that 1% of apps you're talking about, which is mostly games, should probably opt for a higher end device... Your comments like saying "$18,000 is a good price for a new car, but I'm afraid people aren't going to be happy with 4 cylinders"... How do you think Nokia is able to sell these devices for so low❔Surely not by cramming ever feature in the world in them... If you're wondering what kind of experience people are going to get just imagine how well your first generation WP device worked, but with a much better processor, a more feature rich OS, and way better apps... Does that sound worth $99❔❔❔.. I feel like my Samsung Focus was a rip off after reading about the 521....

Actually, it's kind of funny because Oggl was released today, and a lot of people are mad that it won't run on their 512mb devices... Lol❕

There was an article on the apps not available for 512mb devices, and though I can't remember the exact figures, more than 99% of apps will work. So yeah, that should be of no concern.

You literaly can do just that. This is working for normal user; go to windowsphone.com > search the desired app(s) > click the [Download and Install Manually] (it is on left side, bottom of the page). That is the XAP, you place it on Micro SD card. The option to install it will appear on store on the phone. There, your very own requirement is there from the start, welcome aboard.

Never tried that. I'm guessing the app actually installs in internal memory though, not just having the installer on SD card. In android you can have the actual app files installed to external mem.

Correct, just responding to the comment and knew i would get such a response. Tho, i (if not we) always happy to share knowledge to people willing to know about WP.

I tried this with one app and found that after I installed it and deleted the XAP file from the SD card, I still have over 1 MB in the Other category. The only way I could get rid of it was to reformat the card, which meant backing up and installing all of my music, photo and video files.
If anyone is going to try this, I suggest that you use a separate micro SD card instead. Will save you a lot of scrambling around after (unless you like have storage being taken up in your other category).

So if this is the Tmobile version 521 on GSM Does this mean that Metro PCS will also be getting the 925 ??
That would be sweet.
this is a good move by Nokia they are starting to put it in second gear and turn the company aroiund

Someone was looking at my 920 today and loved it but they are looking for a new prepaid. The issue is they need a prepaid using Verizon. Does anyone know of a prepaid service utilizing Verizon's towers that offers Lumia's?

Not that i Know of. But i do know that Verizon Prepaid(with smartphones) is expensive...Like Contract prices expensive.
Maybe try and sweet talk them into porting to Tmo or Att or Metro for Prepaid.

Nice...always glad to see more low price Windows Phones out there to encourage app development. Hopefully, sooner than later, our eco-system will be too big to ignore anymore.

I picked one of these up via the HSN deal last weekend (as a backup/travel option), and I have to say, devices like this are really making me rethink how I purchase smartphones. 
At WP8 launch, I picked up an 8X, and while there is a lot I love about it, there are some issues that I have with it as well.  The idea that 16gb is enough storage, because everything else is in the cloud, is rediculous.  If I am on an airplane, or leaving an area with good coverage, I still need a seperate MP3 player (a Zune, I admit) to play music, or watch a movie. Any music that XBOX doesn't match (like my Beatles collection) isn't on my phone either, because I don't have room on it for those files.  I also find that I just don't play games on my phone the way I thought I would, so I'm not sure that the 512mb of RAM is a total negative for me. I also can't say that I've used my front facing camera more than twice, or tap&send more than 10 times. 
That said, I do think that around 300ppi is an ideal resolution for mobile devices (more just seems like uselessly padding specs).  In about a year and a half (when my contract is up), I'm hoping that a budget (read $200 or less) phone exists with 16gb storage, removable battery, expandable memory and a 720p screen.  Spending $600+ for a phone is something I'm having a harder and harder time justifying, and baking that subsidy into a contract so that new phone is "only" $100, or $150, or $200 is just lying to ourselves and letting ourselves get screwed in the bargain. 

OK So its been a few days since MeroPCS was to get the Lumia 521 and I have seen nothing on MetroPCS's website
I even went to a store the other day and they knew nothing about it as well
Is this released ? going to be release or do I just pick up a tmobile 521 and go to metropcs and get it activated ?
Not sure whats going on here.

Anyone know when this is gonna drop on the MPCS website? I read "next week." I called some local stores and was told it was a limited release, and NY was not included. 

I just placed my order for the Nokia Lumia 521 (sight unseen) from MetroPCS. I saw information on the T-Mobile site that indicated the camera has no flash capabilities. Is this true?

Two Questions:

1. When might the  Nokia Lumia 1020 come to Metro PCS?

2. If I bought a  Nokia Lumia 1020 online, could I use it at Metro PCS?


thank you for your time! :]