Official SkyDrive app for Windows Phone gets updated to version 2.0

SkyDrive app for Windows Phone

Busy day here at WPCentral and for Windows Phone. While we just reported the official Skype app going "gold" and hitting version 1.0 users can also go get the official SkyDrive app which is now at version 2.0. Coming out last December, the official SkyDrive app was a long over-due addition to Windows Phone and this update coincides nicely with the recent backend changes, including more friendly URLs.

There doesn't seem to be that many new features but there are a few that we've noticed. The UI has been re-worked a bit especially for dialogs and menu options. In addition, the ability to batch-select items for deletion or moving will come as a great tool for many

SkyDrive v2.0

It also looks like you can manage permissions for folders and files directly now, allowing certain items to be shared and edited with others. Even more cool, you choose contacts from the People Hub to share those files, even granting editing access (it will even alert them that you've shared items). This should be a big feature for those who need to do online collaboration or need others to view something with minimal effort.

We'll peep around for more new stuff and if you find any, hit us up in comments. Grab the official SkyDrive app version 2.0 here in the Marketplace. Thanks, Sarang68, for the tip!

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Official SkyDrive app for Windows Phone gets updated to version 2.0

  1. Not Instagram
  2. White balance is measured from the screen
  3. Yes, my light was a bit Yellow and white bodies reflect that.
  4. No tilt shift, just low aperture

Just finished reading these articles on my phone, went to start screen where I noticed my marketplace live tile had a big white 2 on it... Guess which two apps of mine had updates available? HD7 on Bell in Canada.

It's showing in the Marketplace as 2.0 however it's not giving me the option to update my existing copy. Just like Skype.....

Finally I get to delete and move multiple pictures at once!! Can't believe they left this out since the beginning, even on the website.

So is anyone actually seeing Skype in Marketplace? Got the beta through the Skype website (linked). No Skype to be found by searching Marketplace though. Nor is it under New apps, Featured, etc. Guess I could wait a day or two for it to appear, but always nice to pull it down.
UPDATE: I just tried the QR Code trick and it worked like a champ. So cool.

On top of Ui updates, its to coincide with SkyDrive updates including, short links for twitter sharing, ODF support and file uploads up to 300mb in size.

I would be so happy if the next update of SkyDrive is integrating with Zune and enabling direct music playback.
I know I can play my mp3s from my SkyDrive without downloading the file to my phone, but only one song at a time. That's so close to what I want but just not there.

Did anyone go to SkyDrive settings/about where it says % of used disk space?
That progress bar and whole page reminded me of Windows Mobile 6.5, I feel violated...
Also, I use 7 out of 25 GB and it shows bar as 2/3 full

Don't suppose they fixed picture sorting yet? After they "upgraded" to HTML5 last year, it completely destroyed album sorting. No "by date taken" option, doesn't utilize file names either. Get over 100 pictures in an album and it all crumbles.

Of course I got my wife an iPod Touch recently, and come to find out that Apple can't sort photos either (apparently iOS3 sorted by name, iOS4 was more date taken, and iOS5 is a random crapshoot that follows neither).

So irritating.

ok so I had to manually update to 2.0 skydrive on my Arrive. From hotmail I went to Skydrive and grabbed my 25 gb freebie! Thank you MS! Had sent a videoto skydrive a couple weeks ago( my first media upload to skydrive). From the skydrive app I selected this video on the Arrive, it went through the loading process, then returned an error that it cannot play this file on my phone! WTF? It was a native device video!Recorded by the Arrive, uploadedby the Arrive toSkydrive and now it won't play fromSkydrive?
Same with files - they are not syncing - they just keep duplicating or more correctly, uploading as a new version (1)or (2) etc!
What gives? oh but gee now I have 25GB of space for duplicatingfiles!
The skydrive app for Windows PC is NOT compatible with windows XP!
Because the files are failing to open in skydrive or from skydrive, their suggestion in help is to reset Office app on the phone. THis requires emailing a copy of each file to myself before resetting ( because they will all get deleted) then because I cannot multiple select files as an attachment, I have to individually email each Office file!
THis may be a WP7 deal breaker for me if it fails to resolve the problem. I though the byline for this OS was "it just works" - ? Oh Really? When?