Wait for it...something major is coming to Windows Phone!

Something major is happening to Windows Phone

Details are scarce right now, but we've heard on good authority that there will be a major change to the Windows Phone world. On Chris Pirrillo's LockerGnome live stream, @Barnacules revealed that there will be a big breakthrough for Windows Phone that "will upset the world" without giving any additional details.

"You want to hear a cool teaser though," Barnacules teased. "Just wait for it...something is going to happen in the Windows Phone space that will upset the entire world across everything."

And he left it at that. Want to hear the full remarks? Just cue up the embedded video below.

What are you wanting, expecting, or excited most to see happen in Windows Phone? Microsoft is already headed towards a unified kernel to help developers write seamless universal apps for Windows, Windows Phone, and Xbox. Is Barnacules hinting that Windows RT will go away and get replaced by Windows Phone for consumer phones and tablets, leaving Windows 8 to prosumers? Will we be seeing McLaren's 3D touch interface headed this way?

Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think, want, or expect with this revolutionary breakthrough for Windows Phone! Viva la revolucion!


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Wait for it...something major is coming to Windows Phone!



Yes exactly. Although knowing Microsoft's history it will be cool but they will also undoubtedly find a way to screw up the marketing and presentation towards the normal person/buyer.

You make me think.. What if Microsoft doesn't actually want the "normal" or "average" buyer? Maybe Microsoft, and Nokia, only want interesting people to buy their phones, and that is whom their commercials are targeted to... Maybe.

So you're implying that people who buy WP devices are somehow more interesting than people who don't? Come on. The commercials certainly do play with the underdog image WP has, but Microsoft doesn't care who buys their phones as long as anyone does.

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A friend of mine who works for Microsoft basically said the same thing to me when I asked him if I should get the Lumia 930 or wait...his reply was expect something very special to come from Lumia before xmas... I could see the excitement in his body language but he told me he could not give details..

So do we buy the lumia 930 or no? lol, cause im having a huge dilema on buying this phone.

And windows also needs to rebrand some of their apps, everything is really messy like onenote, onedrive, bing, skype, the names arent 'unified'

This is not necessary.  They simply need to give us the ability to rename apps by long touching the name in the apps list.

Businesses generally want people to feel a certain way about themselves for buying a product. They don't actually care what the people are really like.

Seems to have worked on you though :)

Unfortunately only interesting people bought SAAB cars. Beautiful and interesting cars as they were, sadly there aren't enough people in the "interesting" category to make a product work there...

Right there with ya; WebOS was ahead of its time with a company that didn't have the money to project its vision (Palm) and then by a company that didn't know the meaning of the word "vision" (HP). Sad...loved my Pre...but happy my 1020 is rockin' the Kasbah :)

I remember a comment I heard on the failure of Vista, that was that Microsoft spent too much time trying to make Vista appeal to the average user instead of tech enthusiasts. Tech enthusiasts are the ones to target because they're the ones who recommended to everyone else.

Windows 7 they did exactly that, opened the user preview right up. Problem with 8 was that people really like 7 and aren't fleeing it.

Good nerd appeal is great! Those of us running Windows Phone 8.1 are already a walking billboard for the future of Windows Phone.

Similar to what I failed to say. But also much better thing to say. Maybe I can read Microsoft's mind :O

Yeah, for the average user there's no reason to upgrade from W7-W8. Better performance doesn't matter to people who already use slow hardware or are usually slow navigating the system. Most people I know hate the metro start-screen, so it's good everything can default to desktop-mode now. If they add back the start-menu and can just get rid of the charms-bar then it will be fine to recommend again... but that's basically W7 all over again, hence no reason to recommend upgrading to W8 :P

The reasons i upgraded my old Pentium laptop to Win 8/8.1 are:
1. Better performance
2. Keyboard shortcuts
3. Better File Explorer
4. No start menu (Yeah, finally! I hate start menu since Win 95)
5. Login on another PC via Microsoft ID

Except that windows 7 recieved positive reviews from pretty much everyone and Windows 7 is just an optimized version of Vista. Maybe the tech enthusiast were pissed because many promised features were dropped from Vista and by the time Windows 7 came out they forgot. Or maybe oems finanlly started using better hardware and released compatible drivers, so when windows 7 came out, things ran smoother. Windows 7 did use less resources. However, I never really had much issue with Vista either.

Yeah, same here... I heard all the horror stories about Vista and stayed on XP for a long time. I think until after Vista SP2 had come out. It was time for a new PC and I reluctantly got Vista on it - but I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. All of the niggling annoyances from XP were fixed or improved. UAC was still a bit irritating so I turned it off, but it ran like a dream for years.
I only switched when W7 came along and I happened to be in the market for a new PC. W7 was basically perfection... every little gripe with Vista was fixed. It ran great, and everything just worked.
I switched to W8 but it's been a little irritating since day 1. The OS itself performs well, but all the UI elements (start screen, charms bar, app switcher) were just clumsy on a desktop. They're amazing on touch tablets/laptops, but horrible with a mouse. It's only now, with W8.1 that W8 is starting to shine... Now they just need to make the apps into movable Windows (or at least let me adjust the height or even just have a 2x2, 3x3, & 4x4 grid of apps), have an option to get rid of the horrid charms-bar, and add an option to have a start-menu instead of the start-screen that I no longer use.

Right. Just what MS sharelholders want. "Interesting people" are for dinner parties not a target market for a technology company.

Right, if its anything like trashing Windows RT or repositioning OSs or brands, its certainly just going to hurt in the short term. So I hope its something that actually just brings major improvements to the phone space. Its desperately needed there.

That is mere speculation. The guy on the video seemed amazed that such thing was possible when he heard about it, and he's a Microsoft employee.

By announcing the product during the year end holiday season but lunching it another 6 months later...

Yep lol. Glance, 1020, WP 8.1, live tiles, Office to name a few kickass features that no one cares about because of their poor advertising

...Office to name a few kickass features that no one cares about because of their poor advertising

I agree with this statement, but perhaps not in the way you intended.   I am tired of Microsoft beating the whole "you can't be 'productive' without Office" nonsense over and over again.  Office required for real productivity.  If you don't use Office, you're not a real man.  It's a man's life in the British Army.  Wait.  Sorry.  Got carried away.


Agreed. They will probably announce it 6-12 months too early, and by the time it's released the hype will be almost non-existent... and, due to the long announcement-to-release time, Apple & Google will have already implemented similar features in their own releases. To make things even more annoying it will be a US-only release, letting the hype and excitement die completely in other countries when they finally release it 2-3 years later.

They announce Windows Phone is changing kernels again and turning the rest of the native features to apps, too, and to expect none of them to work unless we tell them hoe to fix them on uservoice. And also they re-hired the designers from Windows Vista.

But seriously please let it be something good and concrete. I want to love my Windows Phone again.

I am expecting shock and awe. That's the impression the guy in the video gave, it wouldn't be something we're already talking about I feel. It seemed something not yet leaked.

This is probably a new WP device. When he heard about this he was thinking "we can do this?" Something you think it's not possible.

LOL I remember that. Maddox over at The Best Page in the Universe wrote a hilarious piece on it at the time.

As for whatever this development is, I'm happy to hear that Microsoft is actually working on something at least for Windows Phone.

They're scrapping Windows Phone & Windows RT, it's all Windows now... that could actually get me a bit excited.

Or they've adopted ART and are going Android across the line... that would upset me, a bit, but I'm warming up to the idea.

But with this kind of statement... no, I refuse to get excited/upset just yet.

I've been thinking...the unification is arleady coming.  Maybe they should call the products Windows Phone, Windows Tablet and Windows.  It's just so elegant.  Tablet replacing RT.  They have the call them something unique, unless the new point is the call them all Windows.  What kind of phone is that?  "windows."  What kind of tablet is that?  "Windows."

At how many minutes in the video do we hear them say this? And who the fuck are these guys?

Barnacles (The big One) is a senior programmer for Microsoft and Chris Pirillo was a tech TV guy and runs his own buisness with Tech Stuff. His Wife and soon to be child have a daily Vlog on Youtube.com. Both have a lot of knowledge between them and many years of experience in the the tech world.

I know its 'impossible' but the thing that would upset the worlds is to be able to run iOS and Android apps on Windows Phone, ha ha, then we'd hear the end of the 'but it doesn't have any apps' argument... Ah dreams, shame they don't come true :(

Oh yes please! But it won't be that. We're expecting that (happy to know it's not just me). It will be something we're not expecting.

You nailed it, they've written code that converts all apps on IOS and the play store to work on WP+ the Surface phone and watch will be released!

What I REALLY want is to install questionable garbage from Google on my Lumia so that it can rip off my credit info and bank login.

i highly doubt MS has any interest in letting the sad software on the Play store on to their superior OS.

The only thing that would accomplish is that developers would stop making apps for Windows Phone. Why make an app for WP when you can make one for Android isntead?

You don't get it. WHY make a WP app, when you can make an Android app, which will run on WP too? It has nothing to do with who buys or doesn't buy what. The point is that if WP were to run Android apps it would be the end of apps designed for WP.

It's why some applications, like 3ds max are only made for windows and not mac. If someone wants it on their mac, they can use the windows version via bootcamp.

What would be amazingly disruptive? The ability to install WP on any ANDROID phone. Granted, I've got no idea how they would do that, nor how OEMs would handle it. But, hey, Android users can flash their phones if they want, so its theoretically possible.

Granted, I don't know how that would affect security...

There is zero chance that Windows Phone could run iOS apps.


Android apps, however...that would make sense...perhaps something similar to Amazon's store. There are already ways to run Android apps on Windows desktop. If Microsoft could get Android apps running smoothly and have them behave natively it could be huge.

I have a feeling that's exactly what they're talking about. They're going to release a device that runs both Windows Phone and Android! They already have devices that do it... the Samsung ATIV Q tablet, for example, runs both and can switch back and forth with the push of a button. 

If they allowed us to run the Android apps in the Windows Phone environment itself however.. as someone mentioned above, it would only hurt the WP ecosystem because devs would only have to develop for one OS... (Android) to get their apps on both Android and Windows Phones. Why would anyone develop for WP then?


Here's an extremely far fetched idea: MS has figured a way for consumers to download and install Windows Phone in Android Phones and iPhones (kinda like reformatting a Mac and installing Windows) LOL. Now that would definitely upset the entire world! XD

Not the entire World. I, for once, wouldn't be upset at all! I would finally be able to buy good flagships with microSD support and use WP in it. Which means I wouldn't need to wait for Sony to come to WP, I'd take WP to their phones.

I want people to know the timeline for when this information is mentioned on the video, so I'll reply to the top comment. 15:40 is what you're going for

I get this feeling it's going to be a phone that's cross-platform compatible. Why, do I think that you may ask? Because of this comment. "is going to upset the entire world across anything,” look at that last 3 words.

Now think about Google and Apple finding this out in a few months. Plus if MS could do it with smart watches think about the possibilities. Buy a Windows phone and you can sideload any app you like or DL it from our Windows store lol. That's just my opinion.

This will make the phone go into infinite boot sequence which cannot be stopped unless u go for a factory reset .... The entire point of the app is to show the hole in the OS , n in the many ways it can be used ... N seriously ignore those noobs in the below comments ,,, they don't get the concept

Virus? It's just an app which restarts phone all the time as I see. It's more like malware, doesn't affect personal data. However I won't give it a try, don't know why you're posting here. You should report it to MS.

Wiki: "Malware, short for malicious software, is any software used to disrupt computer operation, gather sensitive information, or gain access to private computer systems."
In this case it's just disrupting proper operation of the device with background task which causes reboots - doesn't affect/delete data. However we're both right, because malware can delete data and other mentioned malicious activities. ;-)

Definition of virus - is anything that will stop n alter normal functions ..... I have told MS about it.... N I u think its so harmless ,.. I suggest u give it a try ,, n if u can come back to comment here

I've reported from two accounts. I would never install it, because I read the descriptions and always take a look at screenshots. This app looks like s,hit and is just a useless s,hit :p I can assume that without installing it. I didn't say it's harmless, but it's nothing serious. It isn't stealing data/deleting files/activating premium SMS services, probably just a "joke" app created by bored guy :)

Who in the he-zell will deliberately jack up their Windows Phone to make your point? You sound like one of those kids that when your parents warned you not to stick a knife in the light socket, you used your mouth instead.  Go away clown show.

I installed it. It does nothing and has crap UI. "put values" "remove bg" "reg bg" LAME. Not a virus. It's an app you have to knowingly install, that tells you it will attempt to over load your phone with background tasks, AND you still have to enter values and run them before it will attempt to do anything. If this is a virus, than so is a hammer sold with a label that says "to end slow phone issues, strike phone repeatedly and with force. LAME.

Blah blah ! -- well if you consider the a hammer a virus , then its obvious I have to instruct you on how to use it ... Ok dumb dumb , the app can be put to auto mode, but for the sake of showing the user what will happen it was kept this way. Note do this install > chick reg bg > exit app ... Don't do anything else keep ur hands on ur face ... N it will do its job

Does WPCentral know something that we don't know to actually post this as news? And WHEN can we expect this"something big?" Will I finally get the phone I wanted? Stay tuned for these and other important questions answered next time on 'Exciting News We Won't Tell You'. You're welcome.lol

The entire world doesn't give a shit about marketing, Rod. So no one would be upset. lol

Yeah, but if WP had good marketing then that would shake the world up,,, because there'd be new Smartphone in town, besides a this OS that nobody knows about...

It can only be one thing that can get us all excited, THEY ARE BRINGING THE ZUNE SOFTWARE BACK and scraping Xbox Music, that would be the only thing that would make sense

My expectations aren't too high....

-a 64GB Windows Phone in more than 3 colors on every US carrier with microSD card standard, camera button, and three physical face buttons (not capacitive)

-restoration of everything removed in 8.1 (http://wp.me/p1fLW2-8L)

-some nice eye-candy: parallax backgrounds (see Zune HD or iOS 7/8), weather motion lockscreens (HTC 8X Hub has weather motion)

-features from Android/iOS: share location, share files to local Windows Phones (iOS),

-removal of XBox Music, XBox Video, Podcasts, Radio, Synch nightmare and restoration of Zune on desktop, metro, and phone

-improve FB integration: check in with people and pictures, tag people in posts from contacts, share your Now Playing from the Me Tile

-restoration of pre-Mango Internet Explorer interface as an option: address bar with refresh/stop on top, app bar on bottom, adding a share button in addition to tabs, favorites, add to favorites.

-change the buttons: Search is always in-app contextual, long press goes to Bing search; long press on Start goes to Cortana

Seriously, if you put me in charge of determining the features of the next release, every user of Windows Phone, or at least 75-95%, would be happy with what I put in that phone.

I hope he wasn't hinting at that. I mean, 3d touch is very cool, but it will be dependent on hardware. I hope it's something more software related, so that more people can enjoy it.

Yup, but what else will surprise the whole world. I don't think it will be one Microsoft thing! @Daniel I read somewhere that MS is planning to allow users to install android apps on Windows Phone. Don't ask me where or how, read it randomly on some group!
How about that?

That would "upset the whole world". My guess is you are right or something along the lines of that rumored week-long battery life. 3D touch would NOT affect the whole world seeing as low end devices rule the world and that technology will not be arrive cheap on the first generation of devices.

If you want to run Android apps why not just buy an android phone? What's the point of getting a windows phone to run android apps?

Is there such a thing as Android apps, IOS apps and WP apps?? Apps are just applications created to perform X, and right now Whatsapp is found on all 3 OSes so who does it belong to? Magicjack is found on IOS and Android, who does it belong to? Every single app is there to do something, it doesn't do that something the IOS way or the Android way or even the WP way!! It just simply opens up and does what it's supposed to. So in the end there's really no such thing as OS specific apps(taking away IM apps), as each OS has their own vices that does the same thing just a little better or worse than the next. The reason I've said this is that whenever an app is introduced now it's usually for both IOS and Android, so who does the app belong to if you get what I'm saying. This isn't like installing an emulator on a PC to play console games, we're talking about apps that can be written for all 3 OSes by simply changing the code used to accomodate IOS,ANDROID and WP.

To have dual boot. To sell same hardware twice as much. Much more than that as Android is what 3-4 times as popular as WP?

MS will buy Google and apple and change all the future smartphones to Windows phone hoho

He said "can't give a tmeframe" so I doubt it is something we will see this year. At the earliest it will have something to do with "WP9".

I hope you are wrong as I really despise news given too early that will take another six months to a year to materialize. It's like Lamborghini coming specifically to you and say we're going to be you the hardest custom Lamborghini and you'll get it in the next three to five years. It's like a delayed excitement.

Whatever it is, it will never live up to the inevitable hype that his statement will garner. Although I am intrigued...

Maybe it will upset the army of user haters who buy and use windows phone but complain about every feature and app and say how much better iPhone and android are lol

This. I hate when people do that. The most recent example being folders; why complain about something you're getting for free and don't even have to use?

Anyway, back on topic. I wont jump to conclusions and see what it is when it comes out.

Or it will upset the balance of power that Android and Apple currently are enjoying.

Or it will be so annoying everyone in the world lakes out at their neighbors in frustration...

Maybe Microsoft and Apple a are merging to take on android with more cross licensing patents, etc

I don't know... Whenever some big wig says something like this I usually end up saying "...is that it?"