Microsoft releases Where's My App for iOS, Android converts on Windows Phone

Where's My App?

Microsoft has released Where's My App? for Windows Phone 7.x and 8 devices, a utility designed to help you find Windows Phone apps and games.  Where's My App? will show you the app availability and if what you are looking for isn't available, Where's My App? will suggest alternatives to consider.

Where's My App? isn't intended to replace the Windows Phone Store but rather highlight popular apps that are available on other platforms as well as offering alternatives for those apps that haven't found their way to the Windows Phone Store.

The main pages for Where's My App? includes App Status, Featured Apps and an About page. App Status includes a keyword search as well as an alphabetical listing of popular Windows Phone apps and their status. The Featured Apps is akin to the Spotlight page in the Windows Phone online store, focusing on popular apps and games.

Where's My App?

An app's status will show if the title is available, if the app is "coming soon" or listing the app as not available. If the app is not available, the best alternatives will be listed as well.  In tapping the icon of apps or games available will send you to the Windows Phone Store listing.

Additionally, if the app you're looking for isn't available there is a button link at the bottom of the app details screen to email the developer and encourage them to develop a Windows Phone version of the app or game.

If you're new to Windows Phone or just want to see what alternatives are in the Store, Where's My App? is a handy utility to have installed. Where's My App? is a free app that you can find here in the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks, Sergio, for the tip!

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Microsoft releases Where's My App for iOS, Android converts on Windows Phone


Oii shut your fucking mouth annoying bastard. Your replies are flooding all the comments just stfu and get a life would you

You know? You are making the thread longer than necessary by policing other's posts. I'm not a mod but it's annoying after the 2nd reply. Your question would have been valid if the thread was collapsible.

The only point I see is that you would make a poor moderator.

We got the point, but after the first one, you should have given up. People aren't going to do as you suggest...and frankly reading your identical reply is 100 times more annoying than reading their posts.

Sent out about 20 emails, ahh it feels good Microsoft is helping us get in touch with developers.

Its like "jello time" at play break for the special kids. I swear half the commenters have pencils up their noses and underpants on their heads.

It says Photo Editor by Aviary is unavailable but it is available. The app doesn't let users submit anything.

I can confirm it is available in the U.S. Store. And it is quite good. ;) I'm the one who tipped btw. Finally nobody beat me to it. :P

You're welcome Prinoy. Thank you all for being such a great community and kind to me for the last 1.5+ years. Y'all are awesome!

This is hilarious. All of the people here with WP8 devices are having problems, yet it's working perfectly for my Titan II.
Btw, Instance & WPGram being the top two alternatives to Instagram is great. Glad MS recognizes those indy devs. This is also a great tool for devs to figure out what app holes they can plug until official apps get released.

Installed it on my Lumia 822, but it crashes!  I am trying to convince my wife to switch to Windows Phone and get the 928, instead of the iPhone 5 (she has the 4s).  My 822 takes far superior photos then her 4S, and the 928 will be even better, so that is a key selling point.  Besides just wanting her to use WP, we would have to pay $300 to get a new iPhone 5 (with 32GB), maybe less, while we can get the 928 on Amazon for $30!  It is a no brainer for me!  The price being that same, I would still want the 928.  As for the apps, the only thing that is really missing that she uses all the time is the Starbucks app!  She uses it for in store payments.  I have actually been in contact with them already asking them to create a WP app!  They do not have any plans at this time.  So, for those that can install the “Where’s My App?”, send a request to Starbucks while you are in the app!  I have been trying to figure out alternatives.  I was hoping that FidMe might work.  I contacted them, they are great and responsive.  They are actually in contact with Starbucks to try to get the barcode setup in FidMe.  Hopefully they can figure it out. 

I use Starbux Card app. Works pretty good & use it to pay in store. I set up auto recharge on Starbucks site & it does a great job recharging the card. Trust me she will not miss the official app. It also show your rewards or whatever Starbucks calls it.

Great thanks! Just downloaded it. Looks like what I need! Just tried this Where's My App? and it is working now. Looked up Starbucks and SBUX Card was first on the list! Looks like the app works when it works!

I'm glad MS released the app and I was able to download it here in Houston, TX. I let songpop have it, I also think everyone should just let these companies know how biased they are and that we deserve apps just like everyone else no matter what platform you're on; our money is green just like everyone elses.

Does anyone else see the irony in this situation? The "Where's my app?" app not being available to what seems like a lot of people. So, maybe Microsoft should release a "Where's my Where's my app?" app. BTW not available in an unlocked ATIV S in Ireland (not surpringly).

Embarrasing app, especially since the only app i really need is squareup which wp doesnt have so now im forced to have an anroid phone, for the apps and a windows phone . Every time i use my android device, htc one, only thing i wish it idid is have wp8 with the squareup app and reader.

This app is buggy and inaccurate. The idea is great, but the execution is poor. An update remapping/re-associating official and unofficial apps in the code would be a noticeable improvement. It just doesn't seem to have all the app in the store, like this app was made months ago and not updated with recent app additions.

So hipsters..where is the good sailfish homepage? Windows phone obviously becomes a mess with all the fame. What is wrong with all you people

It is saying not available for Nokia Lumia 820. It is not stated that the country is the problem but maybe the message is incomplete. So in Netherlands not available for Nokia Lumia 820 :(
Would like to know if there is an app where I can connect to my ubuntu server and view the harddisks content, like filebrowser on IOs.