4Blend is a new Windows Phone 8 photography app designed to create HDR (High Dynamic Range) images.  The app uses Nokia’s Imaging SDK and a multi-layer HDR algorithm to build the HDR images.  The basic HDR effect can be used to improve low-light photos and a series of effects filters can be used to add a little creativity to your HDR images.

Add voice activated shutter control, front camera support and manual camera settings and 4Blend makes a nice first impression.

Along with the basic HDR filter, 4Blend also includes a nice collection of sixteen effects filters that includes color boost, cartoon, sketch, lomo, sepia and more.

4Blend Viewfinder

Manual controls include turning on/off the voice commands, setting the gamma levels, manual focus, and setting the ISO, shutter speed and exposure compensation for each of the three images used to build your HDR image.

The app will take three images of the same scene at various exposure levels then combine them into one image that should have a greater dynamic range.  A steady hand is required and to help you minimize camera movement caused by pressing the shutter button, 4Blend has a voice command setting that will initiate the photo sequence. 

4Blend HDR Sample

The weather isn’t being too cooperative today to let us take 4Blend out for a proper test drive but in just tinkering with the Windows Phone 8 app around the house, it makes a nice first impression.  Once the clouds move out and the rain clears up, we will take 4Blend out and get a review up on the site.

4Blend is a free app that is available for Windows Phone 8 (including 512MB devices such as the Lumia 520). You can pick up your copy of 4Blend here in the Windows Phone Store.

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