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Best Webcam for Windows PCs

You want to look and sound as good as possible when streaming or recording video, right? This is the best webcam for Windows you can buy right now.

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Eve V video unboxing – With Thunderbolt 3, could this be a Surface Pro killer?

Here's our first look at the crowd-sourced Eve V, which goes on sale December 4th. We unbox it and give you a quick tour!

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Should Microsoft actually make an Android phone? #AskDanWindows Episode 31

A lot of Microsoft fans think the company should make an Android phone. I answer why I disagree and answer two other questions on Episode 31 of #AskDanWindows.

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Why 2017 is the year of Microsoft Surface

The year 2017 has been a watershed one for Microsoft and its Surface team, with three major releases. A cultural change, as well as more autonomy, fueled Microsoft's hardware ambitions, and it's paying off. Here is why that's exciting.

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Surface Book 2 15-inch review: The ultimate Windows laptop gets bigger and better

Microsoft did more than just make the 15-inch Surface Book 2 bigger. It also made it one of the most powerful laptops on the market that can do almost anything. Here is why this may be the best laptop ever.

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Surface Book 2 13-inch review: A good thing made great

They say the second time around is always better. Microsoft is proving that with the Surface Book 2 13, which delivers a fine laptop that is more powerful than expected.

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bench test

Geekbench 4.0 benchmarks (higher is better)

Device CPU Single core Multi core Surface Book 2 15 i7-8650U 5,036 14,237 Surface Book 2 13 i7-8650U 4,862 14,694 XPS 15 (9560) i7-7700HQ 4,503 13,587 Razer Blade 2017 i7-7700HQ 4,277 13,597 Surface Laptop i7 i7-7660U 4,714 9,535 Surface Pro 2017 i7-7660U 4,513 9,346 Surface Book i7-6600U 3,977 7,486

Geekbench 4.0 CUDA (higher is better)

Laptop GPU Score Razer Blade 2017 GTX 1060 138,758 Surface Book 2 15 GTX 1060 132,785 Surface Book 2 13 GTX 1050 75,665 XPS 15 GTX 1050 75,636 Surface Book GTX 965M 59,945

Geekbench 4.0 OpenCL (higher is better)

Device GPU Compute score Surface Book 2 15 GTX 1060 123,602 Surface Book 2 13 GTX 1050 72,677 Surface Book GTX 965M 64,108 Surface Laptop i7 Iris 640 31,010 Surface Pro 2017 Iris 640 30,678 Surface Book HD520 18,197

CrystalDiskMark (higher is better)

Device Read Write Surface Book 2 1TB 1,411 MB/s 1,202 MB/s Surface Laptop i7 486 MB/s 244 MB/s Surface Pro 2017 1,284 MB/s 963 MB/s Surface Book 1TB 1,018 MB/s 967 MB/s Surface Laptop i5 423 MB/s 237 MB/s

Gears of War 4 UWP

Laptop Resolution Graphics presets V-Sync Average frame rate Surface Book 2 15" Medium 1620 x 1080 Off 96 FPS Surface Book 2 13" Medium 1620 x 1080 Off 65 FPS Surface Book P. Base Medium 1620 x 1080 Off 47 FPS

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If Microsoft doesn't embrace 'Movies Anywhere' its Movies & TV service is dead

Microsoft is noticeably missing from the new Movies Anywhere digital locker service. Without it, there's little reason to actually buy a movie through the Windows Store.

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Microsoft's Joe Belfiore talks about creators and the future of tech on a special #AskDanWindows

Instead of taking your questions this week we had a chance to speak with Microsoft's Joe Belfiore. Watch our quick video interview now.

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Microsoft Surface Book 2 preorders are now live

Microsoft is now taking preorders for the new Surface Book 2, due to be released on November 16, 2017.

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EWin Champion Series gaming chair provides comfort and flair for your derrière

The EWin Champion Series Ergonomic chair brings some flair - and lumbar support - to your gaming sessions. Here's what you need to know about this impressive chair.

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What should you look for in a 4K TV for the Xbox One X? #AskDanWindows Episode 29

On this week's #AskDanWindows we talk the future of Cortana, UWP with phones, and what should you look for in a 4K TV for the Xbox One X. Watch now!

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Why Windows Central went all-in on Razer Phone with Android

Most Windows Central readers embraced the coverage of the new Razer Phone - making it one of our top stories this week - but not everyone was pleased. Here's why we covered it and what it means for our site.

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This is the Razer Phone

The Razer Phone is coming out later this month and we got a hands-on sneak peek at the powerful phone for gamers. Here is why the Razer Phone may be your next mobile.

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Any chance we'll see a Surface PC with a 120Hz display? #AskDanWindows Episode 28

This week on AskDanWindows I'll talk about the status of Microsoft's HomeHub, how Microsoft should position HoloLens, and whether a new Surface PC will ever get a fast 120Hz display. Watch now!

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Unleash the beast! Xbox One X unboxing and tour of our review kit

Microsoft is on the cusp of releasing its new 4K gaming monster. Today, we unbox and go hands-on with the Xbox One X retail console and reviewer's kit.

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Lenovo ThinkPad 25 : Unboxing and tour of this retro anniversary laptop

We recently reviewed the commemorative ThinkPad 25 made by Lenovo as a tribute to the original IBM laptop from over two decades ago. Today, we'll do an unboxing and hardware tour of this limited edition laptop, because it deserves it!

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Is there hope for a Surface Phone? Andromeda and more on #AskDanWindows Episode 27

On this week's episode of #AskDanWindows I talk about the future of UWP and whether or not there's a Surface Phone coming. Tune in!

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Microsoft needs to partner with the NFL and other sports to mainstream Windows Mixed Reality

Windows Mixed Reality is now a reality, but how to get normal people interested is a challenge for Microsoft. One solution is to bring a favorite pastime to the technology: sports. Here's why.

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Harman Kardon Invoke review: An impressive Cortana speaker that sorely lacks a killer feature

The Harman Kardon Invoke speaker powered by Microsoft's Cortana comes out October 22 in the U.S. It's an excellent smart speaker, but it also has a difficult hill to climb to win over consumers. And that's a real problem for Microsoft.

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