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Microsoft Lumia 950 unboxing for AT&T

When we received our review unit for the Lumia 950, it came in a special packaging that isn't the same as the retail box that customers get. Check out our quick and simple unboxing video in case you were wondering what's included with the Lumia 950 when you actually go out and buy one.

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The Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL both feature a USB-C connector supporting the USB 3.1 standard for faster charging and data transfer. It replaces the micro-USB port we've grown accustomed to. This means buying new cables if you lose one or need an extra charger at another place. We'll help explain more about USB Type C and what cables to get in case you need an extra one.

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The Lumia 950 and 950 XL both come with 32GB of internal storage, but they also have microSD slots for even more storage. Both phones support micro SDXC 3.01 standard-compliant cards. Ready to hear something crazy? The maximum capacity that exists for the card technology is 200GB and you can get one right now from SanDisk.

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Is the Microsoft Band 2 waterproof?

No, the Microsoft Band 2 is not waterproof. The story doesn't end there, however. The Microsoft Band 2 actually meets the IPX7 standard in testing, but Microsoft insists the Band 2 is not intended to be immersed in water. If you try and it breaks, it won't be covered by the warranty.

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Hands-on: Windows Camera with slow motion video

If you're running the Windows 10 Mobile Insider preview on a Lumia 930, 1520, or Icon, you can now try slow-motion video with the updated Windows Camera app. We've tested it on our Lumia 930 and we're mostly happy with it. Check out our hands-on video to see it in action.

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