Microsoft's sleek and powerful Surface Book series of devices let you expand its storage by using an SD card. However, standard-sized SD cards will stick out a bit, which can be an issue if you like to keep your SD card in your device most of the time.

Our intrepid Windows Central community members discovered a workaround for the problem, and we have some suggestions for microSD cards that'll work perfectly.

Your best option is to find a truncated microSD card adapter, which will mount flush in your Surface Book 2 so you have no protrusions or precious memory cards to get caught on clothing and other objects. The last thing you want is to catch the card on something and interrupt an important file transfer.

microSD card adapters

In order to use a microSD card and avoid the SD card-sticking-out issue, you'll need a microSD card adapter, one that's truncated so that you're not having the same problem.

BaseQi Ninja Stealth Drive


There is currently one microSD card adapter that's made for the first-gen Surface Book, and that's BaseQI's Ninja Stealth Drive. You can use any microSD card with this adapter, and it will fit flush with the body of your Surface Book. It's a little pricey though at around $24. It should work with the Surface Book 2.

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The MiniDrive

MiniDrive microSD adapter

Our Windows Central forum users have also had good luck with the MiniDrive, a short adapter that fits entirely inside the SD card slot and must be pulled out using the attached strap.

If you use this $15.54 adapter with your Surface Book 2, you'll likely need something with which to grab the strap whenever you want to remove it.

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microSD cards

Once you've chosen an adapter, you'll need a microSD card to use with it. Here are a few handy choices:

SanDisk Ultra 200GB microSD card

SanDisk 200GB

With a transfer speed of up to 100MB/s, SanDisk's Ultra 200GB card is capable of lightning-fast performance, not only for transferring files back and forth but also for gaming applications.

Since it's rated a Class 10, the Ultra is able to store full HD video, and playback straight from the card is quick.

Another nice feature of this card is the free app that lets you automatically manage memory for the best performance. The 200GB SD card will set you back around $52.

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Silicon Power 128GB microSD card

Silicon Power 128GB microSD card

This microSD card from Silicon Power is another solid option for your storage and performance needs.

Like all of the microSD cards on this list, it can store and playback video in full HD. This is great for watching movies and other high-quality videos on your Surface Book 2's 13.5-inch screen without having to upload it all.

In terms of speed, it isn't as fast as SanDisk's Ultra, but at 75MB/s, it's still quick. You can transfer files in seconds and play those games without worrying about a performance bottleneck. It's priced to match SanDisk's solution at around $57.

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Samsung EVO+ 128GB microSD card

Samsung EVO+

Faster than Samsung's regular EVO line, the EVO+ has a write speed of up to 20MB/s and a read speed of up to 80MB/s, and it is perfect for expanding your Surface Book 2's storage. It's advertised as waterproof and even capable of withstanding up to three days in corrosive seawater, so no matter what aquatic tragedy befalls your Surface Book 2, rest assured that the data in this microSD card will be safe.

As a U1 Class 10 microSD card, the EVO+ will have no trouble storing your full HD video and high-res photos, so it's perfect for presentations, documents and just about everything you'd store on a computer hard drive.

If you happen to have to suffer through Canadian winters, the EVO+ is also temperature-proof to -25 degrees Celsius. Not bad for $40.

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Lexar 128GB microSD card

Lexar 128GB microSD card

This microSD card from Lexar is the fastest one on our list, so if the transfer rate is the deciding factor for you, this is the card to go with. It's also priced reasonably at $46 (though other sellers have it listed for around $30 less) for 128GB.

Like all of the other microSD cards we've covered, Lexar's offering is capable of storing and playing back video in full HD. But speed-wise, Lexar has all the others beat with a transfer rate of 95MB/s. If you're dealing with extra large files or want to watch movies straight from the card, this is the one for you.

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Transcend 128GB microSD card

Transcend 128GB microSd card

Transcend doesn't win the race in terms of file-transfer rate, but with solid user recommendations, it remains a decent way to expand the storage capabilities of your Surface Book 2.

While ultra high-speed class-compliant, with a transfer rate of only 45MB/s, it is the slowest microSD card on this list but still commands a premium price at $33.

However, it's still capable of storing and playing back HD video, though you'd probably want to transfer a movie to your Surface Book 2 and watch it from there.

If you're just after additional storage space for your Surface Book 2 and you're using it more for documents and not so much audio or video, you should look at Transcend.

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Updated on August 17, 2018: We refreshed our list to make sure we're offering the best SD cards for the Surface Book and Surface Book 2.

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