The YCCSKY Xbox One power brick is a fantastic third party alternative to the standard Xbox One power brick that operates quieter, at higher efficiency, and at a cheaper price to boot, especially as Microsoft begins to phase out production of the original Xbox One.

Our pick

YCCSKY Xbox One power brick

The best there is

Simply put, the YCCSKY Xbox One power brick's high efficiency, low noise pollution, and cheap price make it the best replacement power brick on the market.

Why would you need a new power brick?

If you own an original Xbox One, then you need an external power brick in order to provide electricity to your console. While every Xbox One came with one, they do wear out over time, and if you're reading this, then it's likely that yours has. The standard one that Microsoft offers for replacement is decent, but it's more expensive and less efficient than newer third-party options, specifically YCCSKY's.

Is it a good time to buy this power brick?

Since Microsoft has phased the Xbox One console out of production and replaced it with the Xbox One S (which doesn't need a power brick) there's never been a better time to buy the top-rated YCCSKY power brick than now. It's unclear how long YCCSKY will continue to make new power bricks for the Xbox One, and there hasn't been any indication that Microsoft intends to lower the price of official ones or release improved versions. Since the YCCSKY brick is an improvement on the original design, it's worth buying one even if you don't need a replacement, though I wouldn't recommend doing so if you have plans to get an Xbox One S.

Reasons to buy

  • Cheap
  • Quieter than the original design
  • Improved cooling fans

Reasons not to buy

  • Not worth it if upgrading to an Xbox One S
  • Unsupported by Microsoft

Cooler, cheaper, stronger

There are three main reasons to choose the YCCSKY power brick over other options: price, efficiency, and sound. Unlike Microsoft's official replacement option, which costs $60, YCCSKY offers its power brick for just $30.

YCCSKY's power brick is better in every way.

It also has improved cooling fans, which will prevent the power supply from overheating more often than any other brick will (at least compared to the official option). Lastly, the YCCSKY power brick runs significantly quieter than the competition, meaning you don't have to deal with the annoying noise while trying to game or watch media. This last benefit is a big deal for many, as one of the biggest issues with the original power brick was how obnoxiously loud it sometimes became.

You can choose Microsoft

While I don't personally recommend it, you could buy one of Microsoft's replacement power bricks. They're two times as expensive as YCCSKY's offering and aren't as high quality, but if you want the peace of mind knowing that you're using an official Microsoft product, then the original power brick will get the job done. Also Microsoft's customer support is world-class, and on-hand to help if anything goes wrong.


Official Xbox One power brick

Old reliable

While not the best by any stretch, the official Microsoft version of the power brick still gets the job done adequately.

Bottom line

The YCCSKY Xbox One power brick is, without a doubt, the best replacement power brick available on the market right now, and that isn't likely to change.


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