While many great apps are free or only cost a few dollars, some more powerful apps can quickly creep up in price. Thankfully, the Microsoft Store features frequent sales so that you can get these apps on the cheap. This week you can save big on a modern file explorer, a high-caliber photo editor, a comic book reader, and more.

File exploring

Modern file manager suite

This fresh take on the file explorer is both friendly to touch and takes an entirely different approach to organizing files. You can add multiple columns or cards of any folder or section of files on your PC and easily drag and drop between columns. Its layout and features like a zoom out view make navigating files intuitive and in some cases faster than Windows 10's built-in File Explorer. It's usually $10 but is on sale for $6.

$6 at Microsoft

Text reading

Speech Central: Text to Speech Suite

This text to speech app makes it easy to listen to webpages, RSS feeds, documents, and more. You can choose between popular news sources, import ebooks, and get content from a variety of sources that you can listen to on a number of devices. You can also change the playbook speed to get through text quicker. It's on sale for $7 compared to its normal price of $10.

$7 at Microsoft

Photo editing

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019

Adobe's Photoshop Elements is a lighter weight photo editing application than the Photoshop that comes with the Adobe Suite. But it can still handle edits for a large number of users including color and image correction, text editing, collage creation and more. It's a great editor if you're looking to avoid a subscription fee. It's 30 percent off and available for $70.

$70 at Microsoft

Comic reading

Comic Show

This comic book reader has a clean layout that makes it easy to focus on your content. With it, you can save favorites and bookmarks, continue reading where you left off, and transfer comics through WiFi. It also has manga reading and high contrast modes that make it easier to read a wide range of comics and content. It's normally $1.69 but is on sale for just $1.

$1 at Microsoft

Photo editing


Working with both touch and mouse inputs, Polarr is a powerful photo editor on Windows 10. It supports a long list of editing options including blending modes, masking tools, global adjustments, and batch exporting. It has a customizable interface that's available in light and dark modes. It's on sale for $35, down from its normal price of $70.

$35 at Microsoft

Desktop customizing

Transparent Taskbar

If you love transparent elements and Windows 10's Fluent Design, you can extend it a bit further with Transparent Taskbar. You can use it to set your taskbar to blurred glass or fully transparent. It's usually $2.29 but is on sale for $1.60.

$2 at Microsoft

Media playing


Sonca is a media player that allows you to bring in content from a variety of sources. You can stream music from OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive, or you can watch videos or listen to music files that are stored locally on your PC. It's available for $2 which is 80 percent off its usual price.

$2 at Microsoft

The Microsoft Store has at least a few good apps on sale just about every week. Modern file manager suite is a unique app that approaches file management differently than Windows 10's built-in File Explorer. Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019 is also a great deal right now if you're in the market for a photo editor that doesn't require a subscription.

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