The Samsung Odyssey+ is now the gold standard in Windows Mixed Reality (WMR). Though the hardware is similar to the standard Odyssey, the anti-SDE technology elevates it to greatness.

The best of the best

Samsung Odyssey+

The upgrades from the former best make this the new best

With the tweaks Samsung has made to the original Odyssey, the Odyssey+ dominates over every other WMR console.

Reasons to buy

  • Almost no Screen Door Effect
  • Wider headset for comfort
  • Great for Glasses
  • Sleek black design

Reasons not to buy

  • Expensive

Beautiful and powerful

The Samsung Odyssey has the highest-res display of all the WMR headsets, its FOV is matched only by the Dell visor, and it has the standard maximum refresh rate of 90Hz. It also uses AMOLED technology rather than LCD for better contrast and color.

The headset has a svelte black finish that looks closer to an Oculus Rift than anything else, and it has the adjustable halo headband that allows you to get a comfortable fit quickly. Unlike other headsets, however, the Odyssey features built-in AKG headphones, meaning you no longer have to deal with the extra cable and bulk of your own solution.

Samsung has effectively negated the screen door effect by using some wizardry.

The Odyssey+ improves on the original Odyssey's design by adding "Anit-SDE Technology" that nearly eradicates the screen door effect, which is the phenomenon that you see with almost all VR headsets where you see a fine grain in front of your eyes. It's especially visible when the screen is black or very dark and can cause some severe eye strain as your eye tries to focus on it instead of what's happening on screen.

Samsung has effectively negated the screen door effect by using some wizardry to increase the visible pixels per inch (PPI) and double the original headset's capacity. You can now see a whopping 1,233 PPI, and with the visual bump, it also removes all but the smallest amount of screen door effect, which is just a relief for your eyes.

Alternatives to the Odyssey+

While the Odyssey+ is the undisputed king of the WMR headsets, it's still pretty expensive in comparison to a lot of others. There is a lot of variance on Mixed Reality headset cost so if the Odyssey+ is too high price wise, then there are other options out there.


Samsung Odyssey

Still a great headset despite a new version available

The Samsung Odyssey has the high resolution of all the WMR headsets and it shows. Is it expensive? sure, but quality counts for a lot.

Even with the arrival of its big brother, the Samsung Odyssey is still an excellent device for anybody looking to buy a premium Windows Mixed Reality experience. The higher resolution and excellent build quality make it stand out compared to almost all the other headsets available.

Value pick

Lenovo Explorer

For when you're unsure or just starting out in VR

Cheap and cheerful says it all for the Lenovo Explorer. It's an excellent entry point to Mixed Reality

Though prices fluctuate quite a bit for most WMR headsets, the Lenovo Explorer can be had from Amazon for just $140 right now for the headset alone. Add $99 for the controllers and you have a full Windows Mixed Reality setup for less than $300.

WMR motion controllers are cross-compatible so any set will work with the Lenovo headset, making buying them separately a viable option and reducing the entry cost considerably.

Bottom line

By creating a headset that pretty much fixes one of the worst issues in modern VR, the Samsung Odyssey+ has elevated itself to the best Windows Mixed Reality headset you can buy on the market right now. No screen door is a huge deal and makes it well worth the price.

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