Whether you just picked up an Xbox One S, or the shiny new Xbox One X, you're going to need some awesome accessories to complete the experience.

Here are our picks for the best accessories you can buy to enhance your gaming life.

Seagate Game Drive Hub

Perhaps the number one most important thing to consider is an external HDD if you plan to buy a lot of games, and none are better than Seagate's mammoth Game Drive Hub. It's not cheap at $170, but with 8TB of storage, you can be sure you'll never struggle to find space for all those DLCs and updates ever again.

The Game Drive Hub also comes with additional USB ports for your Xbox One and comes in both white and black flavors, depending on which console style you want to match.

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Seagate Game Drive

If you're looking for something a little cheaper, the 2TB Seagate Game Drive might be a better option.

Powered by USB, this svelte HDD will store dozens of games leaving you with plenty of storage space left over. It comes with Xbox branding and classic Xbox green coloring, which looks nice when sitting next to your console. It's available for $80, and there's a near-identical, non-Xbox branded HDD for $65 if you want to save a bit.

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If you're going all-in on the 4K ecosystem for the Xbox One X, picking up a powerful TV to match might be a good plan. The Xbox One S also supports 4K for media and HDR for games. If you have cash to burn and want to join the 4K revolution, you should look no further than the outstanding LG B7A OLED TV. As described by RTings.com, the LG B7A is currently regarded as the best-in-class for 4K HDR gaming. From that site:

The LG B7 is a high-end 4k OLED smart TV with exceptional picture quality thanks to its infinite contrast ratio and wide viewing angle. It produces little motion blur, and its ability to reproduce a very wide gamut of colors and relatively high peak brightness helps it produce an impressive HDR image.

The LG B7A is not cheap, clocking in at around $1,500 for a 55-inch panel, but if you're looking for the best of the best, this is it.

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For more TV options and more affordable options, be sure to check out our roundup of best Xbox One X 4K TVs.

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PDP Talon Media Remote

If you're planning on moving beyond gaming to Netflix, 4K Blu-rays, and beyond, you may want to consider picking up an Xbox One media remote.

So far, we've found that the PDP Talon Media Remote represents the best value for money, comprising tons of features at a tidy $20 price point. Use this to control your Xbox One from your couch without that bulky controller.

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Xbox One Chatpad

The Xbox One Chatpad is a solid solution for adding keyboard support to your console experience.

The Xbox One does support USB keyboards for typing, but if you're playing from your couch in the living room, they're not exactly the most intuitive solution.

The Chatpad plugs directly into an Xbox One controller, giving you a full QWERTY keyboard at your fingertips. This is great for games that have text chat, such as Fortnite and ARK: Survival Evolved, but it's also an excellent solution for sending messages to and fro across Xbox Live. It also comes with an additional two programmable buttons, giving you quick access to functions like screenshotting and recording.

The Chatpad is available on Amazon for around $40, and it's well worth the price.

Panasonic Eneloop battery charger

Since we're talking about batteries, I'd like to draw your attention to the Eneloop battery charger by Panasonic.

In this kit, you get access to four AA batteries, which are compatible with every Xbox One controller. The beauty of the eneloop type batteries is you can always leave a set charging in the dock, so they're ready to swap over when the time comes.

Unlike regular rechargeable batteries, eneloop batteries don't lose their charge anywhere near as fast as classic cells. Eneloop batteries are designed to last, and they provide some seriously solid gameplay length over competing solutions. For about $25, we highly recommend them for all Xbox gamers.

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Controller Gear charge docks

Battery charging for your Xbox One shouldn't just be functional, it can be stylish too, thanks to Controller Gear.

The Controller Gear charge docks utilize the same materials and construction quality of your official Xbox One controllers, and offer the capability of keeping your pads packed with power without blowing the bank. The standard Controller Gear charge dock in black clocks in at $40, but you can also pick up an array of different styles to match various special edition controllers.

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Turtle Beach Stealth 600 headset

The Turtle Beach Stealth 600 is the best entry-level headset on the market, boasting direct Xbox wireless connectivity, and an array of solid sound features.

Priced at just $99, the Stealth 600 punches above its price point for audio quality, elevated by software surround experiences on your Xbox like Windows Sonic and Dolby Atmos. It also includes some of Turtle Beach's signature features including SuperHuman Hearing, which accentuates gameplay audio cues like footsteps. It also has mic monitoring, which feeds your voice back when you talk so you can stop yourself from yelling.

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For more headset options, including wireless, 7.1 surround sound, and more, be sure to check out our full best Xbox One headsets list.

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Elgato HD60 Capture Card

The Xbox One has video game recording and screenshot capture built in, but if you want to go all the way up to 1080p HD resolution with 60 frames per second (FPS) capturing, you should consider the Elgato HD60.

The 60 features USB 3.0 connectivity, for rapid video capture between your Xbox and PC. You can also use the Elgato HD software to stream from your Xbox to popular services such as Twitch.tv and Mixer.com, adding in support for green screens, webcams, and other overlay graphics.

At roughly $180, the Elgato HD60 is the best Xbox One capture card on the market, and it's well worth a look. We recommend the HD60 over the HD60S due to a stuttering issue with the USB-C S version of the card.

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Elgato Stream Deck

If you're looking to get into pro streaming, you have to consider the Elgato Stream Deck.

The Stream Deck gives you 15 programmable buttons to launch anything and everything from gifs, video clips, sound effects, and chat commands, directly into your live stream. It takes away the need to use a complex array of hotkeys attached to your keyboard, which you might want to keep separate.

The Stream Deck can also be programmed to utilize regular keystrokes and system commands, making it a fun tool for additional buttons in PC games, media controls, and more.

All of the Stream Deck's functionality is handled by software, meaning its toolset will expand over time with updates. Even at this early stage, the Stream Deck is an essential piece of kit for any Mixer or Twitch streamer, and it's fairly affordable at around $150.

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Over to you!

What are your favorite Xbox One accessories? Are there any missing from this list that you think we should include? Sound off in the comments.

Updated June 28, 2018: We refreshed this list to include new items for 2018.

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