Earlier this year, we relaunched our #AskDanWindows video series on YouTube. The video shorts are designed to let me, Windows Central Executive Editor Daniel Rubino, answer readers' questions in video format.

My original idea was to save time, instead of repeatedly responding to comments in forums. I already write a lot and have to budget my energy accordingly. However, we're now reversing that and starting up a sub-forum. (It turns out I don't need to sleep or have a life!)

You can now hop into the AskDan forums and inquire about a variety of topics, and I'll do my best to answer the questions. Also, we'll pick a few good questions from that forum to use in the video series, which should be released on a roughly bi-weekly basis. In the future, we may move it up to a weekly format, but you have a responsibility here too: You need to ask better questions! Please (please please) don't just ask me about the Surface phone over and over again.

Visit the AskDan forums at Windows Central

Anyway, jump in, discuss things about Microsoft, Windows 10, laptops, gaming, mixed-reality, or whatever else is on your mind. This is not just about me, either, because we have some very authoritative forum members who can often add insight of their own.

Finally, we'll be shooting the next episode of AskDanWindows in the near future. So stay tuned!

You can also find previous episodes of #AskDanWindows on the main forum landing page.