Windows Phone 8.1

Ready to find out how the Windows Phone Store and Windows Store are doing? Microsoft has just published a report showing trends for the two platforms. We learn a lot of interesting things in the post. For example, did you know that low-memory devices, like the Lumia 520, lead in app downloads? Highlights after the break.

We highly recommend checking out the blog post from Microsoft for details. Below we highlight some talking points. Cue up those bullet points you all love:

  • In February, 66% of all Windows Phone app downloads came from low memory devices
  • Games are the most popular download category in the Windows Phone and Windows Store
  • The United States downloads more Windows Phone apps than any other country (12%), followed by China (10%), India (9%) and Vietnam (8%)
  • The United States downloads more Windows 8 apps than any other country (31%), followed by the United Kingdom (6%), France (6%) and China (5%)
  • English is the most popular language on Windows Phone and Windows 8
  • Paid apps is a revenue model that has been trending down
  • Highest generating apps offer free trials
  • In-app purchase is the primary source of paid revenue for monetizing games

There’s a ton more insightful info in that blog post for developers. Read it and see the direction your customers are headed.

Source: Microsoft