These are the HTC Vive games launching this month

A number of interesting titles are set to be released for the HTC Vive this month, and they're fit for fans of any of the virtual reality (VR) genres. Here's an in-depth breakdown of all the HTC Vive games expected to be released during the month of August 2018.

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Note: This list is compiled from Steam store listings at the start of the month.

My No. 1 pick for this month

Here's what I'm most excited to play this month.


I love a good mystery game where I get to kick up dust and search for clues behind my head-mounted display's lenses, and adding a bit of science-fiction never hurts. Torn, from developer Aspyr, is expected to be released August 28, 2018, for Vive and Rift, and it looks like it should have a bit more to offer than other similar VR games that involve haunted-mansion traipsing.

A gravity tool will help you solve puzzles that require you to stack pianos and other furniture, all the while enjoying a story written by the fine folks who took on Tomb Raider, BioShock, and Stranglehold.

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More HTC Vive games expected in August 2018

Titles that should be available at some point in August

What will you be playing?

Which HTC Vive titles will you pick up this month? Already catching up on an existing backlog? Make sure to let us know in the comments section.

Updated July 31, 2018: This list has been refreshed for the month of August!