A couple of days ago the Instagram icon was spotted on a Nokia Lumia 620 promotion banner, stirring up expectations near and far. By itself, the banner probably means nothing. Could be nothing but a careless photoshopping error from the designer, right? But now interesting rumor is coming out of China, the wonderland of leaks, again pointing to Instagram availability on Windows Phone.

Chinese site WPDang got words from its unnamed informant that Instagram for Windows Phone does exist, and it's now in the testing phase already. Maybe to compensate the much belated availability, the Windows Phone version will have one more filter than its iOS counterpart, but shamefully it wasn't indicated what exactly the Windows Phone exclusive filter is named or what it looks like.

Rum: 5

The app is said to be coming "soon" to Windows Phone 8 devices (no love for Windows Phone 7.8), only for Lumia devices.  It wasn't indicated for how long the app will remain Nokia-exclusive, if Instagram for Windows Phone will be hooked up to the OS camera app as a lens or if the app will extend beyond the Chines Market.  

For now, we'll sit on the fence and watch how the latest Instagram for Windows Phone rumor develops.

Source: WPDang