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In Rogue Legacy, a family of adventurers with randomized traits must explore a deadly castle. Each character has only one life to live, but the fallen heroes' money will buy upgrades for their descendants. Read our in-depth review with video to see what makes this such an amazingly addictive game!

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Roguelikes are an up-and-coming genre featuring randomized level design, permadeath (no continues), and a high degree of challenge. The Xbox One has a fine Roguelike to its name: the magic-themed first-person shooter Ziggurat. On the 2D front, the popular action-platformer Rogue Legacy is due out sometime in the future as well. Binding of Isaac is another extremely popular console Roguelike that has been MIA on Xbox... Until now!

After months of rumors, Binding of Isaac Rebirth from indie publisher Nicalis (makers of Castle in the Darkness and 1001 Spikes) has been officially announced for Xbox One! Mix The Legend of Zelda, a twin-stick shooter, and some gruesome imagery and humor into one awesome game and you have The Binding of Isaac. In addition to Xbox One, Binding of Isaac will also be coming to Nintendo Wii U, and New 3DS as well (it's already available on Windows PC and PlayStation consoles).

Don't know your Binding of Isaac from your Tie that Binds? Read on for a quick preview!

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Thanks to the existence of several standout titles like Rogue Legacy, Binding of Isaac, and Crypt of the NecroDancer, the Roguelike genre has exploded in popularity over the last couple of years. Characterized by randomly generated levels, the inability to continue when you die, and minimal room for error, games in the genre are addictive and tough to master. Although Rogue Legacy has been announced for Xbox One, Microsoft's console has long been without a Roguelike – until now.

Ziggurat comes to Xbox One and Windows from Spanish developer Milkstone Studios, who started out making numerous XBLIG titles for Xbox 360. Their first ID@Xbox release is a magic-themed first-person shooter in the vein of classic FPS Hexen. It also happens to be an FPS Roguelike, of which there are very few games so far.

Can Ziggurat's wizardly appeal and addictive randomness overcome a few technical issues and sometimes unfair difficulty? Read our full review with video find out!

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We recently looked at a couple of upcoming 2D Xbox One games that have plenty of potential: ' The Escapists' and 'Adventures of Pip.' The former is a distinctive sandbox game set within a series of prisons, whereas the latter is a traditional action platformer with some light puzzles and a great art style. Both games will likely turn out very well. But the 2D game that I'm most excited to see coming to Xbox One is Rogue Legacy from Toronto-based indie developer Cellar Door Games.

Rogue Legacy is an action-platformer with lots of exploration, not unlike my fellow favorites Guacamelee and Strider. The twist is the castle you're sent to explore changes every time you die, at which point you'll return as the descendant of the previous character – complete with new traits and powers.

Rogue Legacy builds on classic games like Castlevania and creates something very different and special. The Xbox One version doesn't have a release date yet, so let our detailed preview tide you over in the meantime.

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