Chime in: What's the best phone camera you've ever used?

The camera (or cameras) in a cell phone have become a major selling point for many people, and there's a hot debate as to which one takes the best pictures and offers the most features.

Windows Central forum member BajanSaint69 recently started a thread on our forum asking what phone has the best phone camera.


The reason I bought first the Lumia 1020 and then the 950xl was after looking at the cameras. (I'm a professional photographer) My phone is my walk around camera. I'm contemplating my future phone (right now long live my 950xl) I want a camera that gives me the level of control of exposure the Lumia's cameras have and it must shoot DNG files. I don't want a "push here and the phone will do the...


BajanSaint69 mentions that the Lumia 1020 and 950 XL were both purchased because of the camera, but, looking to the future, they want to know what other phones currently take the best pictures.

Do you think you have a case with whichever phone you're using? Why do you love its camera so much? Is it truly the best out there right now? Head over to the thread and share some photog knowledge — don't forget to offer an image or two as an example.

From the forum: Best Cell Phone Camera?