Windows 10 preview for Xbox One expected 'post-summer'

We already have the Windows 10 preview in full swing on PCs and phones, but many are wondering when the Xbox One might be treated to the same. According to Xbox chief Phil Spencer, the answer is "post-summer." Spencer gave the timeframe in response to an inquiry on Twitter. While it's still a bit vague, we at least know that we're still several months away from a Windows 10 preview build landing for Xbox One owners.

In any event, it's looking like we won't see the Windows 10 preview hit Xbox One consoles until sometime this fall. If you're still craving more specifics, there's always a chance we could hear more about Microsoft's plans for Windows 10 on the Xbox One at the upcoming E3 conference, which kicks off on June 16 and runs through June 18.

Source: Phil Spencer (Twitter); Via: Thanks for the tip, Alessandro!